How the Process Works

Simply market yourself as a tax planning and preparation office.

It's not hard to convince a client who trusts you with management of their assets to also trust you with the tax preparation from your plan.

Simply scan their financial information, W-2s, and other tax documents into www.taxprepbackoffice.com secured website and it automatically launches an e-mail to our team of tax professionals. They then deposit the completed return and any “what-if returns,” back onto the secured website for you to access with your own private code to print.

How Do I Benefit?

You will be "matched" with one or more professional CPAs from our nationwide network of CPAs and then your team of tax professionals goes to work and prepares not only the return, but also prepare any “what-if” returns to forecast scenarios showing the after-tax effect of your planning. You can securely communicate with all of your CPA teams via our IRS-compliant private IT networks and you tell them what you need, and ask questions about the final return so that you’re sure you understand the final results.

You appear as the "alpha level" tax planner and tax business owner from start to finish in the process, yet you have no ultimate responsibility other than the safeguarding of the data through the process.

At www.taxprepbackoffice.com our team of tax professionals are licensed to prepare returns in all states and we are the responsible party with the IRS.

Best part of all – if your client should have an error, an audit, or any unfavorable tax outcome, you're not the responsible party in the eyes of the IRS. The professionals at www.taxprepbackoffice.com will represent your client and keep you in the loop.