If You're in Financial Marketing...

You Can't Afford NOT to Use Tax Prep Back Office!

An attorney, financial advisor and a CPA walk into the room. Who is the most trusted by your client?

As a financial advisor, you give advice from an income tax perspective, send your clients out of your office with a plan, and often have them come back with that plan altered or sabotaged due to conflicting advice from a CPA or tax preparer.

If you are frustrated by the above scenario, Tax Prep Back Office is your solution!

You, as a financial advisor or planner, need to control the tax outcome of your advice. If it could be done simply, wouldn't you rather be your client's tax preparer rather than being forced to network with other CPAs and tax professionals? If you're like me, you found that although there are many good CPAs and tax preparers, there are as many that are difficult to deal with.

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Your success is important! We want to be your Tax Partner! No hassles. No headaches. Get it done right for the first time.

  • It's Easy! A process that's user-friendly.
  • It's Convenient! Use it from any PC, 24 hours a day from your home or office.
  • It's Hassle-Free! No tax forms necessary.
  • It's Affordable! No expensive staff to hire.

More About the Tax Prep Back Office™ Team

Tax Prep Back Office™ is a prospecting and closing tool for advisors of every kind! It delivers a professional tax preparation service designed specifically for financial advisors.

The Tax Prep Back Office™ service incorporates the financial services industry's most effective sales and lead generation techniques and it provides you all of the marketing materials (customizable to your own business) that you will need to grow your new business prospects and opportunities in an exponential manner. At the same time the Tax What-If services (also provided) will help an advisor increase his/her closing ratio to place them into the top tier of the industry! All of this marketing value is packaged together with the provision of professional of tax services, based upon processes, procedures, and best practices, developed over 25 years of industry experience.

The Tax Prep Back Office™ services are easy to use for any financial advisor (it is designed for your staff to do the clerical work, our network of tax professionals to do the tax work, and for you to do the financial products selling) and the Tax Prep Back Office services are now all 100% delivered directly to the offices of any eligible financial advisory practice via a "state of the art" secure and compliant private IT network. No special hardware is needed and No software needs to be install locally on your computers. Simply sign a Tax Prep Back Office™ services subscription and your existing financial advisory practice can also now immediately begin to provide professional tax services to your clients and your new prospects.

Tax Prep Back Office™ is a service of: SecureCloud Services Corp LLC (a Delaware Corporation).