Tax Planning

If you asked most advisors what area their clients and prospects are getting the least advice about, many would say tax planning. We all manage money, we give advice, and most of us help with estate planning, or refer to an attorney for trusts and wills, but when our industry sends our prospects and clients to local CPAs, do those prospects and clients come back with big smiles on their faces, with all the proactive tax planning advice they got from those accountants? Almost never!

For decades, the financial industry has used the disclaimer at the bottom of brokerage and insurance statements, basically saying, "We don't give tax advice, go see a CPA or a tax planner."

Who are these tax planners? Where are these proactive accountants?

Have you seen any? We haven’t!! Proactive and reliable tax advice and tax planning is what we want for our clients.

Your clients want tax planning and expect it from you, but it seems like nobody can find it, or do it.

Why are we as an industry NOT doing the job that our clients expect of us?

Because it is hard to do? ...or... at least it WAS too hard to do before we created Tax Prep Back office! Many advisors use tax planning software and/or spreadsheets to try to help clients. Tax Clarity, Holistiplan and Corvee just to name a few.

With these options, the advisor must do tax data entry and have basic knowledge of taxes, and the client reports have disclaimers on each page that basically say the numbers can be incorrect.

Many tax preparation software companies also have tax planning output, if you're an accountant and you're doing the data entry and if you understand all the tax planning options out there.

None of those options are what we do! We are not data in data out! We find many advisors do not want to do any data entry.

OK, so how do we teach and how do we do tax planning?

The old fashion way; but reviewing your clients' or prospects' returns in our cloud and making recommendations to you on their behalf. Then if you understand the advice and agree, we have CPAs or EAs go into real tax software and do a real forecasted return to show to the client.

Or, if you don't understand the advice, we teach you the concept, which makes you a better advisor!! You and your client can simply take the advice, if you understand it all, and move forward with your client.

Or, you can ask for a supplemental call to discuss the advice with the tax planning team.

Our company is a US domestic cloud based company, which is full of CPAs with the most secure technology.

Our planning team understands the full menu of tax planning options and they can put those options in layman’s terms for any advisor.

You can even help advisors close deals by acting as the "experts from away." Finally, the right way to make tax planning with your clients easy, accurate, safe and complete.